How to download Twitter video online?

Twitter – One of the best social media platforms out there. It is now limited to the size of 280 characters per tweet. In Facebook it is called as post but here in Twitter it is called as a Tweet. Each tweet now can contain 280 characters, but when it was found it had an ability to hold only 180 characters. Since the reach of the Twitter grow and due to the demand of the users the tweet size was increased to to 280 from 180 characters. According to the official Twitter spokesperson Twitter has around 350+ million users around 2017 and it will have been increased.

Download Twitter Videos

As you know many of the celebrities are using Twitter than Facebook because of it’s simplicity and ease to use. So many News companies and independent news agents are completely following all the profiles of famous persons to get the instant updates on the news. These companies uses the tweet of the common persons and hashtags to find what kind of topics are trending and how to cover them up in a complete news article.

Videos in Twitter:

Twitter got so much popularity among the people and the people were demanding few additional functionalities such as options to include videos and images in a tweet to better represent the ideas using the Tweet. So twitter introduced the way to include image and short videos in Tweet. So here comes the part where we are now.

The Twitter now has more videos in the cloud and people those who like the video loves to save it to view them later. Sometimes they just need the video so that they can send the video to their friends in Whatsapp. Yes of course they can send the Tweet link but the video will get opened in the Twitter page. So instead of opening in the Twitter if you need the direct video then you can use the twitter video downloader to download the video to your gallery.

Here are the ways to download Twitter videos,

  • First copy the URL of the tweet that has the video that you want to download.
  • Then go to the homepage of this GetMyTweet website.
  • In the text box paste the tweet link and click download button.
  • In the next page the download links for the video will be there.

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