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FastestVPN has become one of the most renowned VPN providers in the industry today and we wanted to know why this particular company has achieved such massive success in the market. The VPN industry is extremely competitive as businesses all around the world have diversified into this industry due its high demand. VPN services are highly demanded all around the world due to two most profound reasons: cyber security and seamless browsing.


As you might know, cybercrime is increasing at an alarming rate on an annual basis and it seems that no matter what security measures we take, hackers find a way to infiltrate and corrupt a system. This is exactly why VPN services have become a necessity as people need a secure network to access the internet, share files and download content. However, the high demand does not sufficiently explain the success that FastestVPN enjoys today. This is exactly why we have articulated a detailed FastestVPN review to find out what this company has to offer. This review will help you gain insight regarding FastestVPN’s services and what makes them so special.

FastestVPN Offers a Router with their Service

One of the most prominent features offered by FastestVPN is the fact that they offer a router with their services. Although the router will cost you and does not come as standard on any of its packages, this router provides an extra layer of protection which increases the integrity of the overall network by adding an extra security protocol. Furthermore, this router also provides client with the ability to connect unlimited number of devices without any additional cost.


All you have to do is connect to the router using the device and within a matter of seconds your device will be connected to the VPN network. This feature makes it perfect for people who are planning on connecting multiple devices to the same network. Most VPN providers have an additional charge when you increase the number of connected devices but FastestVPN has no hidden or additional costs which is a fantastic feature. This proves just how dedicated FastestVPN is in providing their clients with efficient services that are tailor made to enhance their experience.

Optimum Security & Zero Data Logging Policy

Another profound feature we learnt through our FastestVPN review is the fact that this company provides an incredibly secure network which is encrypted using the industrial standard AES 256-Bit encryption. If that’s not enough this network supports PPTP, L2TP, IKEV2, TCP and UDP. You can also manually install OpenVPN and we found this process to be quite simple. Besides these protocols, the security measures taken by FastestVPN are iron clad as they are using the industrial standard to protect their client’s information and data.

FastestVPN also boasts a zero data logging policy which is possible simply due to their location at the Cayman Islands. Cayman Islands has incredibly strict data protection laws which do not even allow banks to share their client’s information. Yes, this means that you can browse the internet without ever worrying that FastestVPN is logging your sensitive data. Which makes it the perfect choice for individuals and businesses who want their privacy protected no matter what.

Optimum Compatibility and Convenience Personified

We knew that our FastestVPN review would be incomplete if we did not test their compatibility with different platforms and devices. That said, results spoke for themselves as FastestVPN is perfectly compatible with Chromebooks, Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows and five different Linux distros. Furthermore, FastestVPN’s network is perfectly compatible with different types of routers and streaming devices such as Kodi, AppleTV, Roku, and FireStick.

We were also pleased to learn during our FastestVPN review the fact that they have designed their services to provide clients with incredible convenience. The process of connecting a device, setting up or configuring the router is extremely simple and can be completed with great ease. If you do have any sort of trouble you can easily contact their customer support via live call or chat. We tested the chat support and the trained professional provided solutions to our queries in real time, this ensures that clients will never have trouble using the network.

Access Restricted Content and Block Malicious Content

A lot of websites and content online is geo restricted, which means that it is only available in certain locations. However, by using FastestVPN you can spoof your IP by using one of their servers and immediately gain access to the restricted content. FastestVPN has servers in more than 30 countries which ensures that their clients can access content seamlessly.

FastestVPN also offers malware protection which has become a prerequisite of browsing the internet today. As we all know, cyber-crime is increasing every year and the most commonly used method by hackers is embedding files with malicious content. When these files are downloaded, the hacker manages to infiltrate the network and can use this to their advantage. This is exactly why FastestVPN offers malware protection which scans each file before you can download it. If there is any malicious content present on the file, the system will immediately halt the download.

Kill Switch and Optimum File Sharing

All of the leading VPN companies provide a kill switch and it seems that FastestVPN has also incorporated this feature in their services. Even when we browse the internet using a VPN, our data is exposed if the internet is suddenly disconnected. A kill switch on the other hand ensures that the network will disconnect the moment connection fails, this ensures that your data remains secure at all times. Another feature which is worth mentioning is that FastestVPN has optimized their network with P2P, this allows users to share and download files in a secure and safe manner.


Conclusion of Our FastestVPN Review

After carefully evaluating FastestVPN from every aspect, we highly recommend the service. Their prices are fantastic and their services are by far the best we have reviewed in a long time. FastestVPN comes as advertised and we are quite sure that this company will become one of the most renowned VPN providers in the market.

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FastestVPN is the best VPN so far we have reviewed. We suggest you to try it out once.

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